Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thoughts for the New Year

Christmas is over.  I've known for some time that once the holiday passed, I would have to hunker down and press forward with making over my lifestyle.  These past two months have been nearly a waste of time.  A waste of time because over the holidays I started drinking Dr. Pepper again.  And a waste of time because when I weighed in yesterday, the scale read 198.  Yep.  198. 

However, the two months were only a near waste of time because I think they'll serve like a warm up.  I'm relatively familiar with the blog and the chance to play with my goals for the last two months has helped me to zero in on what my goals need to be.

I won't deny that I'm constantly tempted to try to find a way to quick weight loss.  With every advertisement for meal replacements or other quick fixes that pass in front of me, I have to steal myself a little more against the temptation to buy in.  I win this battle with the constant reminder that I want a permanent change.  I don't want to lose 25 pounds just to put 35 pounds back on. 

This blog is about staying the course of changing my lifestyle in such a way as to achieve what I hope to be permanent weight loss and a permanent improvement in my health. I will stick to the original plan of the blog, and that is to post weekly a goal for change for that week.  All of my goals will be about changes to make in my lifestyle, like adding in more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, cutting out the processed foods, etc.  None of my weekly goals will be specific to pounds of loss.  My rewards, however, will be.

Reward for losing 10 pounds - Manicure/pedicure

Reward for losing 20 pounds - 30 Minute Massage

Reward for losing 30 pounds - 60 Minute Massage

Reward for losing 40 pounds - Day of Pampering (manicure/pedicure/massge and possible haircut)

Until I lose the pounds referenced I will refrain from indulging in these activities.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.