Monday, November 30, 2009

Surviving Thanksgiving & Weighing In

I survived Thanksgiving.  I didn't conquer it.  As you may know from reading my posts to date, I'm only half-assing this whole diet thing at the moment.  I'm taking baby steps.  I want this to be a life-style change, not just a diet, and I am very self aware when it comes to my will power.  I have nearly none.  So, for Thanksgiving I ate.  I had truck loads of people at my house and we had a potluck feast of oh-so-tempting goodies. 

Despite my best laid plans to increase activity during the long weekend, immediately following our feast, I fell ill.  I'm still not at 100% as far as feeling well goes, but I now weight 196.6.  Yep, that's more than I when I started blogging.  I've gotta admit, though, that I feel very little remorse.  I'm just not wired that way.  It's done.  I ate delicious holiday goodies and failed the weight loss battle.  But, it was, after all, only one battle.  I will win the war!  (In the interest of full disclosure, I probably won't win the war during December.  I have two birthdays to celebrate in additions to The Birthday on 12/25.  Chances are, I'll eat then, too.)