Monday, November 23, 2009

Weighing In

So my scales read 195.6 this morning.  I can't say that I'm terribly excited at the half a pound a week rate at which I'm losing, but at least I'm losing.  I'll take it!  I have to keep reminding myself that I'm really not trying too hard yet.  I have yet to make 5 days of exercise a week.  But I have ended my love affair with Dr. Pepper.  Oh, sure, I'll always be a little weak in the knees for his 23 flavors, but I'm done.  I'll never go back.

I purchased two magazines last week.  Both had cover stories about losing between 25 and 30 pounds by Christmas.  I don't know why I fall victim to the lure of quick weight loss, but I do, almost every time.  Both diets were relatively reasonable, but so far I've withstood the temptation of jumping on either bandwagon.  However, the very fact that I purchased the magazines got me to thinking.  All of a sudden I wondered how much I've spent in the interest of weight loss.

I looked back over what I could remember of the various efforts exerted over the last decade.  I know that I don't recollect them all.  I've done everything from the cabbage soup diet to Atkins and from Weight Watchers to Metabolic Research Center.  Of what I could remember, the total cost exceeded $1600.  That doesn't include any magazines I'd ever purchased for the sole purpose of getting a look at the diet advertised on the cover. 

Depending on what "ideal" weight I try to reach, I've already spent between $25 and more than $30 per pound on what I need to lose.  Keep in mind, too, that there are plenty of options (more expensive than any I've tried so far) that I haven't tried for losing weight, but seriously considered.  The fact is that anything I do from this point forward just makes that $ per pound figure grow. 

The sad thing is that nothing I've tried has had permanent success, at least not for me.  Whoever pocketed those $$ may have considered themselves successful.  But I've still got the weight to lose.