Monday, December 7, 2009

A little taste of success - Weighing In

I weighed in at 194.6 today.  I'm down two whole pounds.  It isn't earth shattering, but I certainly felt some satisfaction reading the numbers.  The best part of the deal is that I barely even tried! Of course, that's been my theme so far.  The only change I made last week was incorporating vegetables into my diet.  I've never hated vegetables, I just have a little love affair with carbs that leaves little time for courting the pretty colored food group. 
However, it occurred to me last week that so long as I'm still half-assing the whole weight loss effort it couldn't hurt to just try adding in some healthy stuff.  After all, my "diet" is supposed to be all about the life change.  So, as I hatched this little plan at the local grocery store, I was strolling down the frozen food section when I happened upon these Green Giant Health Blends.  They're absolutely yummy. I've been trying to make at least one of my meals each day, usually lunch, primarily veggies.  I supplement with yogurt, apple sauce, brown rice or some other add-in that I'm craving that day.  They Health Blends are quite tasty and very filling.  (I promise I've received no $$ from the big green man to pass this information along)
So, add the veggies to my previous break-up with Dr. Pepper and you pretty much have the extent of my weight loss "efforts," which resulted in these two pounds disappearing.
This week I'm making a concerted effort to have 2-3 dairy servings a day.  We'll see how that helps/hurts.

I've previously shared how I'm prone to pick up those cheap womens' magazines at the check out stands that promise 20 - 30 pounds of weightloss super quick, usually using a diet that has an ounce of sound advice with a pound of pure BS.  Well, I noticed in my last purchase that while the large font on the magazine cover promised significant weightloss on page 26, there was a full page immediately inside the magazine as well as on the back cover touting the glamour of big and beautiful.  I believe they were underwear ads. 
Now, I've nothing against larger people.  I think many are quite beautiful as they are and shouldn't feel any need to change,  unless in the interest of good health.  I'm not one of those people.  I feel like I'm bursting out of my skin between sizes 14 and 16.  However, I think it incredibly hypocritical for a magazine to capitalize on promoting large beauty and the need to get skinny.  I mean, pick one or the other.  I can only imagine how confusing a message these magazines are for girls and women with less self-esteem who truly look to other sources to have their self image defined.