Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 1 - Getting Started

So today is day one. I’m committing to this blog for one year. For one year I will slowly adapt the better habits that are supposed to help me get naturally to a healthy weight. I will not follow any fads or try anything that promises quick and easy weight loss. I’m going to test the advice of all those experts who say its all about the small change, the lifestyle, etc. I’m hoping they’re on to something. I guess we’ll see.

Here is how it’ll work. Today I’m going to post some of my stats and some rather lovely pics of yours truly. Every three months I’ll update the stats and the pics. At the start of each week I’ll announce what one change I’m going to make during the week in the interest of a healthy lifestyle (always with the ultimate goal of losing weight). Every day I’ll post about my success in sticking to the weekly goal. I’ll also post my daily food intake and, when I start, my daily exercise routine. Periodically, I’ll probably also blog a bit about my general opinion of certain subjects relative to the weightloss industry or my particular experiences with this project.
So here are some lovely snaps of me as of today:

Full Frontal (yes I am embarrassed)

And the Wonderful Rear View
I didn't weigh in today, so you'll get that tomorrow, but here are my current measurements:
widest area around the breast = 43.5 inches
around the belly button = 39 inches
3 finders down from there = 42 inches
wides area around the butt = 45 inches
bicep = 14.5 inches
thigh = 25.25 inches

My goal for this week is to cut out soda completely.  My drink of choice is Dr. Pepper, but I'll drink pretty much any dark cola.  So this week I cut it out completely.  I've read that if you regularly drink one soda a day and cut it out, that change alone could amount to as much as a twenty pound weight loss in one year.  I guess we'll see.

My goal for next week will be to do at least thirty minutes of exercise three times a week.  I'm telling you now because if I can get a head start by squeezing in a session or two this week, I will.

So, that is it for now.  I'm guessing that's enough public humiliation for any one person in a day.  


Chai Latté said...

Hi :-) Thanks for visiting my blog!
I have to say...

1. You are my HERO for posting full body pics like that. It takes guts no matter what size you are.

2. You have a really great body shape (I hope that doesn't sound creepy :-) ) If you stick to the exercise, your abs will be KILLER. I can tell!

Between Sizes said...

Thank you! It doesn't sound creepy. I appreciate the is a real ego boost after this morning's deflating experience with a pair of pants. Thanks for stopping by.