Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 5 and no progress

So, I weighed again today and while I wasn't as *up* as I was the other day, I still weighed more than I did Monday, and I hadn't had a Dr. Pepper.  I'm seriously considering cheating today, just because I'm pissed that I haven't lost anything.  Of course, my expectations are too high.  I haven't modified my diet yet and I'm not exercising.  I am also not eating anymore than I normally would, though, which is why I'd hoped that cutting out the Dr. Pepper (which I've replaced mostly with water) would drop at least a pound.

My original plan had plan to adopt one new healthy habit a week.  I'm starting to rethink that plan.  I'm wanting to adopt more than one to speed this little process along.  I"m resisting, though, because that is my usual path to failure.  I try too much, too quick.  I can't keep up with what I start because it is too much and I end up giving up.  That is why I've given myself a year to do this. 

So, I'm thinking what I'll do is stick with the one official change each week, but if I can squeeze in more healthy stuff here and there I will, but I'll remain very forgiving of myself if I don't. the food for yesterday:
pancake on a stick for breakfast
lasagna, salad, bread and carrot cake for lunch.
small ice cream treat
carne guidsada and a tortilla for dinner


M said...


Girl, I have sooooo been where you are at! I think when I first started, I gained too. And I was exercising my ass off! I had to sit down on the couch, in the complete dark mind you, and just be completely silent for about 5 minutes. It was a big moment: Do I give up and just get bigger or do I keep going and hope itll sort itself out? I chose to kept going. But I researched too and learned that sometimes when your body is hit with too much change, it will hold onto weight and you can even show a gain of up to 5 pounds. That made me feel a lot better. It was nice to know that the gain was from something I couldnt control rather than from stuffing my face with stuff that was bad for me.

Keep it up, that weight WILL come off, you watch. Give yourself a weigh in day. That doesnt mean you cant weigh yourself EVERY day, just that you will only fret about it on that ONE day. Itll take the stress off. Also-go for walks if you can. That helps like no ones business. Slow and steady is always a sure thing.

Also-go to and get yourself a cute background. Thats half the fun in blogging and it may even motivate you more!(Sounds crazy huh!?)

I hope you feel better. Good job on giving up Dr Pepper, that stuff will kill you!

Fat[free]Me said...

I found it slow at the beginning before I got the exercise routine going. But, man, once I started working out on a regular basis, I have never looked back!

Monica's advice about weighing in once a week is sound - I like Weds because it gives me a couple of days to make up for any weekend excesses, lol.

Anyhoo, welcome to the wonderful world of weightloss blogging - you will love it!

Between Sizes said...

Monica - Thanks so much for commenting and being so encouraging. I'm going to start burning up the treadmill tomorrow! I'll be checking out that website this weekend, too so my blog can get a pretty new face.

FFM - Thanks for stopping by. I do love the weightloss blogs. They are so inspirational.